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Photo Authorization

For Media/Public Relations and Marketing Purposes


I authorize Loan Verify Inc. (“Company”) to use photographs /images of my home (interior and exterior) that are provided by me (the “Photos”) to promote the Company’s products/services.  I grant the Company a perpetual, unlimited license and the absolute right and permission to reproduce, use, and broadcast the Photos while advertising the Company's products and services.  I understand that these materials may be used across all marketing channels, including television, online, print, and radio, all for an unlimited time period.  I understand that I will receive no compensation for the use of these materials now or in the future and that the Company may use these materials until I have properly revoked this Photo Authorization.  I certify that the photos were taken by me and are not the property of any third party.  


I may revoke this Authorization by providing written notice of revocation to the Company at:

Loan Verify Inc.

999 18th Street

Suite 3000

Denver, CO 80202

(720) 405-1000


Or to the Company’s current address.  The Company will have a reasonable period of time to act on the revocation concerning future uses. Still, the revocation will not affect any action the Company took in reliance on this Photo Authorization before it received my written notice of revocation.

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